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I'm always down to try something new.
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PackagINg Design

Fox Socks Box

A socks box with a geometric fox-themed display designed to match my fuzzy fox-themed socks.
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Product design


A blanket that allows hugs amidst a pandemic.
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Publication design

Homeroom Magazines

I was a part of designing two 60 page magazine for student-led organization called Homeroom (Asian Americans in Media), sharing the narratives of Asian immigrant parents and the Asian-American commmunity.
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Information Visualization

Exploring *my* Space

A collection of data from 25 items in my room visualized on a 18 x 22 poster.
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Untuitive Cups

Sparking an inquiry about the way we move and how we use our bodies.View Project

Publication design - Children's book

Hello Blu

A children's pop-up book showcasing Josef Albers’ color principle of simultaneous contrast. View Project



I also like to pick up my camera and edit photos on my free time! View Photos

PASSION PROJECT + Community engagement

Recess Media

I founded and established a student organization that serves as a creative collective and mentorship program on campus, celebrating individuals and showcasing their passions in art, design, and other creative hobbies in all mediums.

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Poster Design

Hello Poster Show

A six word message from the film Sing Street (2016) on a 14x22 in poster with hand-crafted letters made of studs, rhinestones, red thread, and black leather.

Found Letterforms - B for Betty

A 3x3 composition using photographs of varied styles of letterforms found in the build environment.