+ betty lo is a swiss army knife designer +

I'm a multidisciplinary designer and recent graduate from UW Design BDes. Interaction Design program. Currently a Product Designer at Match/former intern at Amazon's UX Lab, I am passionate about critical design and creating products that encourage human connections, storytelling, and discovery. My strengths are in designing with empathy and thinking outside of the box. I am capable of ideating and designing meaningful and novel interactions based on real-world problems and human experiences. My eagerness towards becoming an individual that simply designs to innovate makes me both curious and confident in tackling the unknown and simplifying ambiguity!  \(^ 0 ^)/

I am someone who ↓

- is an empathetic magician
- is an ENFJ? INFJ?? Type 4w3???
- was raised by the internet
- likes their coffee sweet

someday I will ↓

- become a pro at Smash Bros.

- save up to buy a guitar

- open up a bar or café

- make music under DJ name Astrobitty